Have a Coke and a… Workout?

Young adults using running machine at the fitness clubTwo interesting tales from overseas that add up to one lesson on workplace wellness: Get started!

First, Coca-Cola Europe: The International Sport and Culture Association wrote last summer about Coke’s involvement in Move Week. The key lesson: Activities that the company introduced to support the week of activities became permanent.

Reports the ISCA: “But its creative office activities in particular, such as office hopscotch, ‘sealed’ elevators and physical activity messages placed on stair cases and canteen tray mats, left a lasting impact on how Coca-Cola Europe sees its workplace.”

“’Last year a number of the ideas and activities during MOVE Week were adopted permanently,’ the Coca-Cola Company’s Internal Communications Director for Europe, Lucy Leverett says.”

The piece goes on to state: “Coca-Cola Europe Corporate Responsibility Director Wouter Vermeulen underlined at an ISCA panel debate in Brussels this June that the workplace is a vital setting that should be used to add physical activity to our everyday lives. Vermeulen pointed out from his company’s experience that rethinking these types of settings and imagining them as active spaces could be the key to overcoming people’s reluctance to be physically active.”

Related news comes from Australia on “activity-based working.” The Canberra Times reports that “a Canberra employer says there has been a large rise in staff satisfaction and efficiency since switching to activity-based working and farewelling a traditional desk-based workplace.”

The company added standing desks to the plan, which were found to be “very popular.”

More evidence that workplace wellness news can come from all parts of the globe.