Podcast: How Business, Insurance & Doctors Can Tackle Cost, Improve Health Simultaneously

It goes without saying that, from wellness programs to health plan design and beyond, nearly every U.S. company seeks new, effective ways to attack rising health care costs while also helping drive improved employee health. And to find ways to do both simultaneously? Any business would say: Tell me more.

OK, here’s more.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – the CDC – is partnering with businesses, health insurance plans and doctors to help tackle costs and improve health. One program: The 6/18 Initiative. This effort helps businesses targeting six common and costly health conditions and offers 18 proven specific interventions that formed the starting point of discussions with purchasers, payers, and providers.

  • What should businesses do?
  • How can employees gain real and actionable health benefits?
  • Is reducing health costs while improving employee wellness truly a reachable combination?

Dr. Laura Seeff is Director of the Office of Health Systems Collaboration in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Office of the Associate Director for Policy — helping maximize CDC’s collaboration between public health and the health care sector. Her group runs the 6/18 Program, working to find the sustainable options that often mean a coordinated effort among employers, health insurance plans, doctors and more