The New iPhone is Optimized for Wellness

The new iPhone 5s released last month has two microprocessors, the A7 and the M7. The A7 does the bulk of the device’s computing, while the M7 is a motion co-processor. The M7 continuously monitors motion data coming from the accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass. By using a separate chip, the iPhone consumes less battery power when measuring motion.

Apple InsiderM7 proccessor: “Using very little power, the M7 constantly measures and tracks motion data, keeping the information accessible to any apps that may need it. That means fitness and lifestyle apps no longer need to be active or running in the background to track user movements throughout the day, a benefit that could allow developers to harvest and utilize information on their users’ daily habits in much greater detail than previously possible.”

As a result, a new wave of iPhone apps were released to tap the new capabilities.

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