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Workplace Wellness Programs Help Employee Attraction, Retention

One of the key benefits surrounding a well-run workplace wellness program is the role it can play in employee retention.

We previously noted that Rebecca Ellison of the Knox County (TN) Health Department wrote in the Knoxville News Sentinel: “Use wellness to recruit, retain quality employees.”

She added: “Investing in small steps to improve your employees’ health could pay big dividends when you are able to recruit and retain a high-quality, healthy workforce.”

Ellison wrote: “There are many benefits to making wellness a priority at your business. As health care costs continue to rise, many employers are turning to worksite wellness programs to counteract the expenses associated with an unhealthy workforce.”

Previously, Business and Legal Resources noted that “the 2012 Principal Financial Well-Being Index: American Workers found that 45% of employees agree that an employer-sponsored wellness program would encourage them to stay in their current job—compared to 40% the previous year. In addition, 62% of surveyed workers believe that such programs improve health and reduce health risks—compared to 55% the previous year.”

Now Brave Day explains how “corporate wellness programs improve talent attraction and retention.” The post notes that employees realize “that the fight against lifestyle disease such as high stress, obesity and diabetes (to name just a few) isn’t only fought in the kitchen and the gym, but the workplace too.”

In terms of retention, the post notes that “One survey found that half of all professionals employed today said that they would leave their workplace if their wellbeing needs were not met. People want to feel comfortable at work, both mentally and physically; but ironically, the same survey found that the vast majority of hiring managers hugely underestimated how much of a factor wellness could be within their workplace.”